Father’s Day can be tough when you don’t have your dad anymore.

My son will be missing his dad this Sunday. 

Is there someone that you know that may be missing their beloved father? 

Maybe this is their first Father’s Day without them. 

Is there a way you could reach out to them to show them that you care and are thinking about them? 

Send a card, a text? 

Give them a phone call? 

Maybe you could invite them to your Father’s Day celebration. 

After my husband died, no one remembered us on Father’s Day. We had no place to go, which made us feel even lonelier. 

You might invite them and they will refuse, but your offer will mean something. And if they come, it is usually just fine to talk about their loved one that they are missing. Acknowledge that they are missed. Toast to them! Tell stories about them. 

These acts of reaching out and kindness can make such a difference. Thank you for caring.

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