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Feeling hopeless or stuck after a devastating loss? Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a loss of a relationship, a divorce, or and other significant life loss, you know your life is not what it should be. You may be feeling depressed, hopeless, overwhelmed and are just surviving.

You don’t want to stay where you are but you have no idea what to do. Your friends and family care but often they may not understand.

My friend, hope and healing are possible. I have experienced it myself, after the sudden loss of my husband, and I’ve guided people all over the world on a healing journey.



For Individuals

Living After Loss: Renewing your Life after Experiencing Major Loss

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6 private grief recovery counseling sessions with Anne-Marie

Online or In-Person

2-Day Intimate Intensive

Held in Orange, CA

For Families

Heal Together Family Grief Retreat (The Haven Retreat Center, Orange, CA)

Come as a family for a time of bonding, hope, healing and remembrance. This weekend retreat is for one family of up to 4 people (over 18 only) with group and private sessions with Anne-Marie and her colleague, Ron Gray, LMFT,certified grief specialist.

The weekend is tailored to your family’s needs and is a wonderful opportunity for awareness, bonding, understanding, hope and healing. We do not work with younger than 18 as the process may be a bit much for them. We will provide you with tools and guidance to help you with any children in your family under 18 who are grieving, so we will address their needs and how to best support them. All meals and lodging provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

What is this program?

It’s a proven and effective method that provides the tools, space, and support to work through and release the pain of a significant life loss. It’s all about taking action steps to process the loss.

What kind of losses do you work with?

There are over 43 different types of losses that can cause grief. This grief recovery counseling program can help you through all of them. Death, divorce, broken relationships, and life-changing illnesses are the most common, but if you are uncertain it could help with your type of grief, please feel free to schedule a call or email me.

Do I have to attend every session?

Yes. If you miss a grief therapy session, you’ll be asked to reschedule. A commitment from you to attend and complete the work is essential to your success. It’s my commitment to walk you through this journey while giving you a safe place to heal. There will be weekly reading and exercise assignments, or what I like to call “heartwork” that takes about an hour a week.

What if I’m scared or uncomfortable about doing this?

These feelings are absolutely normal and healthy. It’s not easy for us to share our hearts and deal with deep hurts. BUT I promise you, it’s worth it! Do you want to stay where you are? Don’t let fear keep you from being set free. You will not do this alone. During our grief therapy sessions, I will be your guide and help you overcome your fear. It takes courage to heal. And we will do it together.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes.  I see most of my clients via Zoom since I work with people all over the world and it works really well!  I do see some clients in person but that does cost more than the online sessions and spaces are limited.

What can I expect from our time together?

During each grief recovery counseling session, you’ll be welcomed into a confidential, non-judgmental space where you can safely discover the impact of your loss and process through all the unresolved grief and emotions. I will provide you with tools and resources and guide you through the recovery process. There are specific steps I walk all my clients through but my approach is unique as it is based on each client’s needs. I’ve got you and won’t let you go.

How is this different from therapy?

Grief Recovery is a series of steps specifically designed to help you recover from a significant life loss. It is an evidence-based program and it works! Unlike traditional therapy, Grief Recovery comes with a defined framework, a distinct focus on loss, and a limited number of meetings. There is a beginning and an end. Through the program, you will receive tools you can use for the rest of your life. Clients continually tell me “Everyone needs to go through this!”

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Client Journeys

“Hands down one of the best experiences with a healer I have ever encountered. Anne-Marie as a person is healing, so the work she does flows naturally. She creates a sacred space for you to be yourself, unhurried and without judgment. She is truly gifted!”

Talia Bombola

Marriage & Family Therapist

“Anne-Marie is amazing! I felt completely understood and validated. It was like I mattered! It is just the way she speaks to you and has the ability to look deep in your eyes and understand who you are. I felt so safe as we processed my unresolved grief. I have a lightness in my life now. Everyone needs to do this!”

Monica Nordquist

“Anne-Marie was able to connect with the audience immediately and deeply, she had them crying but also, at times, laughing. Her down-to-earth demeanor and genuine concern along with her educational content had a powerful impact.”

Dr. Les Triché

Principal, California Institution for Women

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